March 25, 2014

Names and Languages


In the Thirteen Kingdoms, surnames are won, earned or purchased.  Until a name is acquired, one uses the surname of the last ancestor to earn a surname, but with a prefix meaning, “of the.”  In the Reinos Del Oeste, that prefix is Del.

In the Nordländer, the surname prefix is, Von.  In the Nchi ya Kusini, it is Za.  And in the Higashi Shima, it is, No.   The prefix is capitalized only if the last named ancestor is the parent.



There are five languages spoken in the Thirteen Kingdoms:

  1. Kikwetu is spoken by the Kusini Watu in the desert lands of the South.
  2. Kokugo is spoken by the Shimabito in the Eastern Islands.
  3. Lengüoeste is the language of the Oesteans, the people of the West.
  4. Nordzunge is spoken by the Nords, mountain folk of the North.
  5. The First Tongue is the oldest language, a language of power, used to summon and control the elemental forces of nature. It is spoken by elemancers throughout the Thirteen Kingdoms and believed to be the tongue spoken by the gods.  Translations from the First Tongue are extremely difficult and tend to be imprecise.  Intonation and tone of voice, specific intent of the speaker, and physicality are all nearly as important to the exact translation of The First Tongue as the words themselves.  Therefore, the words and phrases here are loose transliterations.